Simple Fitness Tips That Make Sense

Everywhere you turn nowadays there seems to be scientific and evidence-based research on how to lose weight and get fit. For all the scientific papers ans special reports though, the key to losing weight and getting fit for good is actually a simple equation.

The infographic below, which is courtesy of is absolutely spot on the mark and we thank them for allowing us to share the information with you.


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Basic Tips, Big Results: Handy Fitness Tips To Know

diet and exerciseIf you are keen to lose some weight, trim down or just get a little healthier, then here are some essential tips for getting on the right track.

Think Outside The Square: In the old days, only the stars and the rich people had access to a personal trainer to help them get in good shape. Today though, personal trainers are available to a large variety of people. Personal trainers are now very accessible, easy to find on gym directory websites and are considered to be very effective. With their help you can get real results, depending on what you want whether that is keep yourself in shape or lose weight.

Start Off With A Personal Trainer: A personal trainer is the solution for those who need motivation, advice and support in order to make positive changes in their lifestyle. A trainer can also help inexperienced people, who need special attention and support, those who prefer training in a small group, people who like competitions and need someone who has can monitor their progress or those who prefer to work with a large variety of exercises, including outdoor workout.

Get To Know Your Fitness Trainer: You should find out what is the trainer’s specialty and decide if that is what you want for yourself. You must feel comfortable in his presence and with the exercises that he proposes. If you go to a gym, ask if you can be provided with a personal trainer, but not any personal trainer because a less qualified one will not provide you with the best personal fitness program that should satisfy your needs and capabilities.

Try Massage Therapy: The relaxation response as a result of massage refers to a state whereby your heart as well as the breathing rate declines, the pressure of your blood reduces, stress hormones production is reduced and there is a relaxation of your muscles.

There you have it, 4 simple-to-do health and fitness steps (no pun intended!)

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Weight Training

exer2It can be quite intimidating to start a weight lifting routine. Anyone can benefit from a resistance routine by adding weights. Some form of resistance training is essential for strength and overall health. It can tone up various body parts and increase your bone density. It is best to have a trained professional show you how to start a weightlifting routine from scratch. Lifting weights is one tried and true method of resistance training.

There are two types of weight lifting: free weights and weight machines. Small hand weights are examples of free weights that can be used to do overhead lifts and arm curls. You can increase weight by adding plates onto the large bars to create custom dumbbells. Weight machines are used with different levels of resistance to work on different parts of the body. You may choose the amount of resistance and the number of repetitions you can do for every exercise with the use of either free weights or weight machines.

There are several reasons why there is a need for your exercise program to incorporate weight training. Men, and some women, lift weights to make their muscles look bigger. With the help of resistance training, your muscles are able perform more efficiently and makes it easier for your body to burn calories. Daily tasks are easily performed with strong muscles. Your body fat percentage can be reduced by converting fat into muscle with the help of weight lifting.

It is important to work on all of your major muscle groups to help improve overall fitness and strength during a session of strength-training. This routine is more effective than focusing on working just one area over and over. Rather than trying to make one area look great your focus should be on increasing your muscles’ efficiency. “Spot-toning” exercises don’t really work. Various muscle groups should be given a rest in between workouts.

Resistance training is recommended by most fitness professionals to be done every other day. This helps reduce the risk of injuries caused by overusing the muscles and to give them a chance to rest between sessions. Alternate your work outs by lifting lift weights before or after aerobic exercise. Each type of weight and machine should be studied properly. For heavier lifts, ask a friend, fitness center employee or a personal trainer to “spot” you. Start small, with light weights and few repetitions, and then increase over time.

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Muscle and Fitness

exer3The key to creating a muscle building cardio workout is finding the right amount of weight to build muscle while working out for 30 minutes or more at a high intensity. You will need to exercise at 70% to 80% of your maximum heart rate and keep it there if you wish to create an effective cardio workout. You may decrease muscular resistance and work at a very fast pace, or you can increase resistance and work harder. The latter method helps build muscle but may fatigue you quickly if you use too much weight.

For aerobic exercise, you need to calculate for the range of your target heart rate. If you are male, subtract your age from 220 multiply by .70 or .80 to get your heart rate range. If you are female get 88% of your age from 206 to get your maximum heart rate for a cardio work out and multiply by .70 and .80.

Experiment with dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, barbells, exercise machines, home gyms or weight machines and other equipment that takes effort to lift or resist. The resistance, incline or stride length must be adjusted on the treadmills or ellipticals, to determine which settings  allow you to maintain a 30-minute workout.

To work out in your cardio heart range for 30 minutes or longer, write down the different weights, settings or number of wraps of resistance bands. This will let you train without stopping to experiment on unfamiliar settings or equipment.

Warm up for several minutes to begin exercising. Use little or no weights to do this. Raise your heart rate by using arm and leg movements like jogging in place or jumping jacks. This will help create better muscle contractions during your workouts.

Once you have warmed up, exercise at your aerobic heart rate.  Program peaks and valleys that will give easier recovery periods every five minutes to prevent fatigue when using the machines to exercise. This can be achieved by decreasing resistance or incline on the machine. Body-weight exercises, such as push-ups, squats, pull-ups, chair dips and crunches dips should be done with breaks for only one-minute to keep your heart rate in your cardio zone.

Using proper technique, perform resistance band or weight exercises which include lowering weights with your muscles, not letting gravity drop the weights and pausing in the middle of each rep. This will help build more muscle by requiring more muscle stress.

Stretch all muscles you used during the workout. Perform your cool down with your warm up exercises at a pace that lets you lower your heart rate. This will improve flexibility, help with post-workout recovery and prevent soreness.

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Exercise Equipment

exer1There are several options for exercise equipment. Several claims about keeping fit and losing weight are out there. But you need to figure out what to buy, what is effective, and what should be ignored? Educating yourself about the fitness trends and equipment is the best way to know whether you are using the best exercise equipment there is.

But keep in mind that monthly membership in a local gym can add up and be costly. For an effective and inexpensive cardio workout you can purchase home exercise equipment. Treadmills, elliptical trainers or stationary bikes are the machines that can help you maintain a level of fitness conveniently at the comfort of your own home. Most exercise equipment requires a big investment with prices that range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Find machines that will fit your home, your budget and workout goals the best.

Figure out the place where you will be putting your machine. The floor space should be measured. The ceiling height should be enough for you to work in. When choosing your new equipment you need to keep these measurements in mind, so that you’re sure to find a device that fits your space.

Try different types of exercise equipment by visiting a sporting goods store or fitness supply center. Don’t just focus on the treadmill, elliptical and stationary bike. Be open-minded try other machines like stair climbers, rowers, ski machines and hybrid devices that can help you be motivated to keep exercising.

Machines must be tested for comfort and fit. Check if the treadmill can accommodate your walking running stride. Test the elliptical machines if it feels natural and the pedals are spaced properly. Bikes should be tested for its reach so that good posture is maintained during use. Backrests and seats should be padded comfortably. Foot rests and pedals should be adjusted so that your knees won’t hit the framing or handlebars. If the equipment doesn’t fit you – don’t buy it! You will be less likely to use it even if it’s the latest or most desirable equipment in the market.

Determine how much you are willing to spend then check prices to find the right machine for you. AS of 2010, treadmills cost between $400 and $1,500, while stationary bikes range between $100 and $1,200. Stair climbers start at $200 and top out around $700, while cross-country ski machines start at around $300.

Ask about the warranty of your machine. Purchase equipment with solid warranties on both parts and labor. Extended warranties may be offered to you, you can ignore this since they offer very little real protection.

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A quick guide to nootropic combinations and stacks

In case you do not have an idea of what a nootropic stack is you are likely missing on a big advantage. A great nootropic stack will take you feeling benign cognitive benefits to getting the greatest results. The fact is, if you do not know what you are doing then you might end up throwing your money away. This short article will explain the most popular and great nootropic regimens that add the most value for the least amount of money.

Racetam stacks

Piracetam is the most popular of the racetams. This is probably due to its cheap price and modest overall performance. Piracetam is also one of the most popular to stack as it is very affordable and the effects can be potentiated with other nootropics

Racetams + Choline

If you have tried racetams and would prefer to enhance the effects, try combining it with a choline source. Sometimes it takes a while for racetams to kick in but once they start working you may experience mild headaches. This is also common with most racetams and occassionally adding a choline source will do away with this complication and possibly help potentiate benefits.

A matter to keep in your thoughts is that choline has the ability to also create the opposite effects and set off headaches. Several Acetylcholine sources appear less likely to trigger these effects. The most ideal option (yet most costly) is to supplement with Alpha GPC or CDP Choline. These types of Acetylcholine sources are nootropic on their own and can incorporate great harmony to your racetam stack. Centrophenoxine can also be another great alternative to look at for its Acetylcholine enhancing qualities.

Piracetam + Hydergine

This combination has is stated to be a quality stack. Hydergine can be obtained conveniently OTC in some places outside the US. In the US it has registered medical usage and can only be acquired by doctor’s prescription. This combo is claimed to be a highly effective stack. Hydergine’s method of action is still a bit elusive but it is supposed to promote modulation of synaptic neurotransmission. Whether it potentiates the effects of Piracetam or works synergistically is not clear but nonetheless, it is a great stack. Just be vigilant as long term use of Hydergine has been linked to nasty side effects.

Piracetam + Aniracetam + Oxiracetam

This is a remarkably well-loved nootropic stack. Piracetam may be used with one or both of these nootropics. It is a good stack due to the fact that elements may overlap but you are nevertheless getting the full potential from all unique components brought on by each racetam. Also, the combo is fairly cheap when compared to Pramiracetam or Noopept. The combination is likely to bring some unique cognitive qualities that may not be experienced when taken individually.

Other Stacking Suggestions

Most racetams and nootropics are seen to be safe not likely to cause bad interactions. This is the allure of stacking. It comes down to finding the best nootropic stack for your needs. Each supplement has its own benefits that are unique to each person. Your friend may have a great nootropic stack but that may not work for you.

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